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Apart from her group's activities, she has participated in various television dramas, including the television dramas Fashion King (2012), Defendant (2017) and Neighborhood Hero (2016), and the film No Breathing (2013). Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in 2001 after finishing in second place in the 2001 SM Youth Best Dancer Contest.She also joined the web drama Gogh, The Starry Night. She then underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before her debut. Yuri made her official debut as a member of the 9-member girl group, Girls' Generation in August 2007.Hope never disseapears, the truth will reveal and God will always in good people side. I have seen Violent Prosecutor, yeah it's similar in a way that they are both prosecutors and framed for a murder they didn't far as the story goes I like Defendant a million miles better. I am in the island of Oahu (Hawaii), and surprisingly, I suddenly noticed on Ji-sung's IG page that he was in Waikiki just enjoying his vacation!! I have been watching K drama since I was 6 and this is truly one of the best. There are a lot of new faces in this show, but they definitely outdone themselves in their own characters respectively. Would recommend this show to anyone who loves melodrama :) Hoping for more from Ji Sung after this show!!! somewhat, this plot drama is similar with 'god's gift 14 days' where is lee boo young(ji sung's wife) lead the role. This American fast-food giant is obviously paying Big Money to force Korean writers and actors to dance to their tune, and I find it disgusting. Thanks to the writer, it was truly a thrilling ride from start to finish.. Tnx defendant team for a mind-blowing drama One of the best drama ive ever watch. Way better than Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea and other overrated Dramas. I presume that Ji Sung will win on Daesang Awards and any other award-giving bodies at Seoul Korea next year! I loved how it was a mystery crime drama but they added the light hearted tone to it too. Uhm Ki-joon is also another excellent actor in this drama. But after watching one by one episode I really liked it, made me very curious to see the next episode.It is beautiful and carefully written, no loopholes. He also made a tour to Turtle Bay, and according to his fans' IG accounts, he has been to Ala Moana and Whole Foods Market in Kahala. ) @ Diane, about Subway, I totally agree with you: "No, it is not "product placement", nor "just advertising" when the settings, lines of the drama, background logos and subway sandwiches are constantly thrown in your face. plot its all about parents trying to save their children. It always keeps me on the edge, giving me a fearful factor, this is one of the best drama of jisung. I would recommend this drama 100% and I will be watching it again and again for years to come. kudos to all the staff and credit to the writer and director, but most especially thanks a lot SBS for giving us a very awesome drama and groping for another one! His expressions and smiles is so evil make you want to smash him. I'm really impressed with Ji Sung oppa's struggle to find his daughter and clear his name of the murder charges.As Girls' Generation started preparing for their Japanese debut, their schedules became busier.

Except that I'm a girl and my response should be "What boyfriend?

" Or I'll be a bit dramatic with my parents and ask "Are you kicking me out of the house? " LOL I'm still 22 by the way but I'm not rushing to have a partner.

That answer a yes or a no but i do believe there is someone that he likes and that is sulli(fx).

I really like this kind of drama where kissing scene is not as the first point of drama. But, i a little bit dissapointed with the ending, i want to see the bad guy (cha min ho) get killed. What I don't like here is the bodyguard of Cha Min Ho. This amazing drama was totally ruined for me by the incessant and imbedded Subway advertising. Ji Sung never failed to amaze me with his acting skills. He always challanges himself to get different roles. I know it's too early to conclude that it's the best, but it is absolutely hard to surpass this groundbreaking series. His stares telling us, he not afraid anything and firms on his decisions. He's the best Korean actor performance either in comedian or thrilling dramas.

The moment where i cried and felt so sad was when ha yeon met her grandma inside the church.. I am sure that he'll get a huge award at the end of the year!! Every scene, he was there killing someone.he killed Seung Kyu in the prison. No, it is not "product placement", nor "just advertising" when the settings, lines of the drama, background logos and subway sandwiches are constantly thrown in your face. Ive watched all of his dramas and by far this is the best! Love the chemistry btn ji sung & uhm ki joon....a great drama..amongst d dramas I culdn afford to miss even in my tight schedules...d father daughter love is portentous..drama deserves alot of awards... not like others actor like Lee Min Ho.took the same roles in his drama.. Indeed the best crime-suspense-thriller drama, by far! Resounding applause for this Kdrama, everything is perfect, from the cast up to the storyline, Ji Sung is really a good actor, as well as Um Ki Joon the villain, and most importantly Shin Rin _Ah the child actress that captivates the viewers hearts. He really can act and all his dramas are convincing.

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Park Jung-Woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. Brilliant acting from the whole cast especially Ji Sung and Uhm ki Joon and Shin rin ah. everything after was not korean, but american style... Min-ho says"What can't I do with money and power in Korea? GREAT crime, suspense, action, fun, thrilling drama! Never fails to deliver such an emotional and phenomenal acting.