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Many of his mother's friends were actors, and he felt drawn to the profession. I liked the idea of it—you know, shouting a lot and dressing up and all that," Craig told .

To stand for Council, you need to be on an electoral roll.

After teaming up in 2016 to surprise a military family with a mortgage-free home, Craig has been named 2017 Operation FINALLY HOME Ambassador.

Operation FINALLY HOME, a national non-profit that provides mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families, will partner with Craig this year to provide homes from select dates during his 2017 tour.

The actor's stand-out performance was lauded by critics and fans alike.

He then demonstrated his range when he starred as poet Ted Hughes in the drama Around this time, rumors had begun to swirl about Craig becoming the next actor to play the role of legendary spy James Bond.

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Whenever a player gets tired, he reverts to the player he truly is. In improving a mid-level basketball program, He assisted his brother-in-law throughout the latter's 2008 presidential campaign, including campaigning for him during the Iowa caucuses and campaigning and giving speeches for him in a number of other states, sometimes combining campaigning with recruiting visits.

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