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Comparison of the feline MHC with the murine and human MHC offers a detailed view of the consequences of genome organization in three mammalian lineages. The MHC class II region is of particular interest because very many of the ∼40 genes included are specifically involved in antigen processing and presentation to the T-cell receptors.The vertebrate major histocompatibility complex (MHC) offers an unusual opportunity for comparative genomics, as it consists of a chromosomally linked community of over 100 expressed genes, nearly half having a defined role in immune defenses. The class II region shows evidence of rapid adaptive duplications and deletions as well as allele and haplotype polymorphism within and between human and mouse species.

Students attending Wharton West Fest visited six companies over the course of an afternoon with members of the Semester in San Francisco Cohort. However, remarkable genomic alterations including gene gain and loss plus size differentials of 250 kb are evident in comparisons of the cat class II with those of human and mouse. Initial comparisons reveal remarkable differences in gene inclusion, gene order, and sequence divergence, likely driven by natural selective pressures of infectious disease outbreaks in the ancestors of these species (Doherty and Zinkernagel 1976; Klein 1986; Parham and Ohta 1996; Zinkernagel 1996; Hughes and Yeager 1998; Carrington et al. A deep understanding of the immunological functions, disease influences, evolutionary constraints, and driving forces of MHC adaptation in several mammalian species provides a fertile venue to discern and interpret adaptive events which predate living vertebrate genomes. In addition, the many pseudogenes are found predominantly in class I and II regions and are virtually absent in the MHC central (class III) region.The cat MHC lacks the entire STRs, and retro-elements from the same repeats in human and mouse MHC. includes 120 expressed genes encoding functions similar to those ascribed to human MHC genes plus various pseudogenes and repeat sequences (Klein 1986; Stephens et al. The chicken MHC, -locus gene segments is different from those of human and mouse, and the relative compactness of the chicken MHC (∼5% of the human MHC) raises the possibility that the ancestral vertebrate MHC was smaller (like the chicken's) and was expanded during the mammalian radiations.Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson veered off his prepared remarks on tonight's Republican National Convention stage to link Democrat Hillary Clinton to liberal radical Saul Alinsky and link Alinsky to the devil.Around Halloween Carson climbed ahead of Trump in the polls, but a series of missteps plagued the campaign. And by the time the Conservative Political Action Conference rolled around in early March, Carson officially confirmed that he was out.

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San Francisco was the place to be this past weekend – whether for witnessing the euphoria surrounding the Giants’ World Series win, or the crazy costumes gracing the streets for Halloween, the city was not short of any excitement.