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May 25, 2017Enty Even though he has a girlfriend it hasn’t really stopped this network reality star from hooking up with his co-star nonstop for the past two weeks, including on a recent plane flight.

May 25, 2017Enty The PR team of this GOT actress keeps releasing stories talking about engagement and marriage between the actress and her celebrity boyfriend.

Channing Tatum Channing Tatum’s talents have been spread around different genres of the entertainment field. Though she got flack for giving the finger at the Super Bowl this year, this Sri Lankan artist from West London solidified her star when she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Grammys. Bennett has been appearing on the small and big screen in roles from Xena to being in the Spartacus movie series; but this New Zealand actor is actually of Maori and Irish descent.

I guess former Real Housewives of Atlanta Deshawn Smith's life wasn't as boring as Bravo thought.With that being said: Within North America sometimes if a person is of color, but their nationality isn’t as obvious, people tend to just categorize them as black (or being “mixed”). there are so many different nationalities, and even celebrities can get classified as belonging to one group when they are actually proud members of another.However, in this big Melting Pot we like to call the U. Along with this frivolity, you’ll have to click; a small price to pay.Her scandalous husband of 12 years, Eric Snow, who filed for divorce from her in May, has just welcomed a baby with his mistress. Ex- NBA baller turn broadcaster Eric Snow has welcomed a baby girl with his former college flame, Marisela Alvarado.As you recall, everything seemed peachy sweet between Deshawn and her husband Eric during the show.

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She is currently working as the managing editor of Born on 1968 in America, her career started in 1998.

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