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Once you've been accepted, maintaining your Raya profile sounds like a full-time job.

Every engagement and matchmaking is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of a client.

You don’t necessarily have to subscribe to all of them just to find The One who will sweep you off your feet and give you happily ever after.

In fact, you just might be surprised to find out that there are exclusive dating apps that might not include you in its list of members because, well, they are what they are. Just about everyone you know (that includes yourself) is on TInder swiping left and right like crazy.

Then there’s a subset of other dating apps that are just for the ultra-rich, the Ivy Leaguers and the elite, in short, definitely not you.

Unless you happen to have the characteristics for the following exclusive dating apps, don’t even bother downloading them anymore: For the celebrities and social media influencers. The application process is so extensive there’s a committee that weighs in several factors, which includes your Instagram influence, before you are accepted to the club.

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I tried to get into the exclusive dating site Raya and was rejected because I'm not a rich Instagram star.

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