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We also have layouts and tools for Twitter, You Tube, Tumblr, hi5, Friendster, My Space, Blogger and other sites.We've got a brand-spankin-new Visited Countries Map Generator Check it out!In addition, similarly elliptical styles of writing can be traced to the days of telegraphese 120 years back, where telegraph operators were reported to use abbreviations similar to those used in modern text when chatting amongst themselves in between sending of official messages.Faramerz Dabhoiwala wrote in The Guardian in 2016: "modern usages that horrify linguistic purists in fact have deep historical roots.

Porcelain pipes pressure, bust 'em twice Choice is devastated, decapitated the horseman Oh America, you bad bitch, I picked cotton and made you rich Now my dick ain't free [Outro] I'mma get my Uncle Sam to fuck you up You ain't no king Building on the metaphor drawn in “Wesley’s Theory,” we find Kendrick continuing to fall victim to the pimps of the record industry.

This interlude is very similar to the song “Tramp” by Otis Redding, also featuring a girl dissing our favorite artist.

[Intro: Drake] Murda on the beat, so it's not nice Yeah It’s a Habibis ting, ya?

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  1. The song and recording also achieved some modernist "kitsch" notoriety when it was used in the cartoon show The Simpsons, with the main character, Homer Simpson, singing an out-of-tune vocal rendition in his happier moments.