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quality=75&strip=all&w=620" /W Network aired the eighth and final episode of the behind-the-scenes reality show Hockey Wives on Wednesday night. Hockey Wives will be around for a Season 2, probably off the strength of the fan base generated by our thrilling recaps. She said while being interviewed on a Canadian reality TV show that she stars in for a women’s network. The baby would just pop out with no pain, and walk over and say: “Hi Mom. Also, if Ryan Miller needs any extra off-season cash, he can come work for me as a stand-in whenever I need someone to look uncomfortable during an awkward moment. People scoff at how wealthy hockey players are, and how their wives must be all in for the cash, but these relationships look, well, DIFFICULT.

Kodette La Barbera is so good at spreading the message of autism awareness, she is talking about it WHILE GETTING A TATTOO IN HONOUR OF AUTISM AWARENESS. Brandon Prust’s girlfriend Maripier breaks down the fourth wall a little with discussions about how she wants to dominate the world of English television. A lot of the show has been about how kooky and zany Ryan Miller’s wife Noureen is as she prepares for their baby. She went on a rant about how her perfect birthing situation would be to give birth on a beach without any fluids or blood. But your best friend Emilie is really struggling with the idea of moving to Europe – she doesn’t speak the language and already gave up one job. It’s an often overlooked narrative in the NHL – behind every great AHLer looking for a chance, there could be a young woman trying to figure out her own place in life.

Full Story The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos has taken a backseat, naturally, to the NHL playoffs over the last few weeks but now that we’re heading towards the Conference Finals, the air space has opened and your boyfriend is back! If I wasn’t married I’d want George to be my boyfriend too.

Anyway, I’ve included here a selection of player photos from the event – and George Strombo because there are several of you who request him on a weekly basis – to satisfy some hockey porn which many of you have been asking for.

With none of their teams having competed in the playoffs and with the NHL draft still several days away, Canadian hockey fans had been so shut-out of their sport that the timing was perfect for some national sports-media drama.

So, cue the opening rumours, and now official news, that George Stroumboulopoulos will be replaced by Ron Mac Lean as host of Rogers' national hockey TV broadcast next season.

Brijet Whitney, Kodette La Barbera, Tiffany Parros and Maripier Morin during their girls night out. w=620&quality=75&strip=all&h=465" width="620" height="465" srcset=" He is a big media name — even more so now with — so it was wise for MP to make a good impression with him. It highlights the other theme of this episode, and one I wish we could have looked into a little deeper in other episodes: sacrifice.Also insider tip: Strombo found out he was being pegged as the new HNIC host via a text message that asked if he wanted to chat about the job.Me: (silence) A photo posted by George Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo) on Don't let cynicism and apathy put you on the sidelines today. No candidate is perfect and completely reflects your values.

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Coming at a time when many were craving an upgrade to the overall quality of Hockey Night in Canada, the notion that hockey reporting relied more on fan fun than on journalistic acumen bothered me.

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  1. But the downside was that it cost me my fiancé, and I've shed a lot of tears over it.' Hayley and professional skating partner Dan Whiston's sensational routines clearly embedded them in the nation's hearts - and none more so than the Slumdog Millionaire dance number Jai Ho that scored five straight sixes.

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