Kaywoodie pipe dating and pricing dating canada chinese affairs

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Kaywoodie pipe dating and pricing

The Kaywoodie name was since used to begin a broad line of tobacco pipes.

The origin of the name Kaywoodie has been derived from the K in Kaufman, and wood after the briar wood which is used to create the pipes.

It comes from the time when names like Ambassador, Heatherby, Melrose, Suez, Rivoli, Cadillac and Kamello dominated the pre-Kaywoodie scene. I was left wondering about the variations in the stampings on the Kaufmann Brothers and Bondy pipes.

In more recent years the KBB and KB&B stamping is no longer present.

Kaufmann Brothers and Bondy was the oldest pipe company in the USA, established in 1851.

According to Dennis Moore they were carved by Charlie Ware († 1963) at the Kaywoodie plant.

Kaywoodie began as a line of pipes offered by KB&B (Kaufman Brothers & Bondy) in 1919 (see also Dinwoodie). Up until the late 40's this logo was used on all of the upper grades pipes.

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