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Puck and sabrina dating fanfiction

"All right," Sabrina relented, surprising even herself. Puck rubbed self-conciously at his neck, staring at the ground.Another unfortunate factor of this early morning was that Puck was so exhausted he couldn't even lift his hand to pick up the spoon and scarf down his mystery breakfast. Smart, handsome, chivalrous, sweet, funny...""Alright, Daphne, stop drooling." Sabrina interrupted. The doorbell rings suddenly."Could one of you, obviously not Puck, stop being immature and get the door! Daphne hopped up and skipped to the door, yanking it open.A ruckus from the stairs popped him out his cereal daze. But she soon realized that Josh was all those things and smiled slightly."Well, uhhh he sounds like a total wimp! "Hello..." she blushed, "Josh." So called Josh smiled "Good morning Daphieloo." Puck rolled his eyes from the breakfast table and glanced up to see this mini prince charming. Still, I did think it was strange there wasn't a forest fire. " By the end of the speech she was staring quite resolutely at the table. "I never would have expected you to ask something like that. She was a complete novice at situations like these. And this time Sabrina kept her eyes open, watching him, until their lips met and all logical thoughts vanished. Good night for real." "Smell you later." "See you tomorrow." Sabrina couldn't stop herself from smiling as she made her way back to the room she and Daphne were sharing at the castle.

"Look, can we just forget I said all that stupid stuff and, uh... She looked at the boy on the other side of the table and, while she couldn't bring herself to smile, her embarrassment faded away quickly.His pixies tie Sabrina's hands behind her back and force her to walk the makeshift 'plank' - the diving board of the pool that was quite high up.Sabrina manages to save herself after Puck tells her to confess to her crimes of 'stealing the Old Lady from him'.Disclaimer: I don't own anything sowy Peter guessing and a good beat up session. Hell, he'd eat it even if it didn't look or smell edible. Hmmm well let's direct our attention to the clock on the wall. And why do you ask, is the lovely Puck Goodfellow up at this hour. It's not as though he cared what it was anyway, he was a teenage boy, and if it smelled or looked edible he'd eat it.

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