Quality center error while updating views

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Quality center error while updating views

I have been handed over responsibility of improving the current reporting structure of a project on ALM QC. I am trying to make particular test set Read Only, meaning no one will be able to run, delete or modify these particular test set.

I am building a Windows Form where I am connecting to HP Quality Center OTA.I am planning to use the CSV import function in JIRA, but I am having some issues. For example, I have 350 test plans in ALM and I want to change parameter settings for each of them. But is there a way to download the test scripts in the form of ...When using Quality Center's excel add-in to upload testcases or requirements, I get an Excel error "compiler error in hidden module: ts Field Mappings" when excel launches the dialog to setup the mapping ...How do we write the requirements, create test cases, link them to requirements, create test sets and execute the tests, create defects and link them back to test cases and eventually to requirements, linking all the test assets (test cases, requirements and defects) on multiple levels to Releases and cycles are the things we are trying to learn through these tutorials.We have outlines the release and cycle information in the form of a table above and we have captured all the information regarding it right here in this word document. – Through ALM you can trace the release/cycle information all the way from requirements, test cases and defects thus ensuring complete transparency and traceability. Step #3: Create Release folder: You can create a new release folder or directly create a release here.

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To create a new folder, choose the “New Release Folder” from the menu or right click on the “Releases” root folder and choose “New Release Folder”. The folder gets added to the hierarchical structure under Releases.