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Sophos updating port

Because browsers typically download files and store them on disk the upper limit of this speed test is going to be limited by the fastest write speed of your PC disk drive.In the case of a spinning disk this might be as low as 500 megabit.If your PC uses one or more SSD (flash) disks, it could be 2 to 8 gigabit.Only the fastest internet connections start to exceed the speed of a typical disk sub-system.There’s documentation available by Microsoft on how to enable Quality of Services (Qo S) in Lync which you can find here.

Extensive Qo S, VLAN Web Content filtering features help keep your network efficiency and online productivity high.

Lync has been designed to work without Qo S but Lync Administrators can choose to enable both Lync endpoints as well as servers to mark Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values on audio and video packets.

This ensures that audio/video packets get prioritized on a network that is enabled for Differentiated Services (Diff Serv).

We’ll continue our journey in these series with the provisioning of Oracle.

If you’re designing and implementing an Identity management solution based at a customer site, connecting FIM to Oracle is very likely to cross your path.

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Keep in mind that this article is only for the ability to enable QOS, it is not a comprehensive guide on all the various dynamic ports available in Lync to lock down your firewalls. Second of all, the question may arise, why and when would you want to enable Qo S?

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