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Teachers accomodating temperamental characteristics

Many factors contribute to the rapid growth in higher education's online course offerings, from economic realities to the need for alternative ways to teach a new media-savvy generation.As online classes reduce and often eliminate face-to-face (F2F) interactions, it's important for instructors to learn new ways of understanding and interacting with their online students to further enhance their success.Evidently, while we are beginning to appreciate that privacy and personal space are valid concepts that we should be espousing and incorporating into our behavioural repertoires, we still haven’t quite got the hang of what precisely privacy is.For, the same privacy zealot wouldn’t think twice about eavesdropping on an office conversation to obtain leverage in the workspace or checking a partner’s mobile phone just to ensure there’s no hanky-panky afoot.Studies show students' cognitive styles play a key role in their success in online courses.

I suspect, many of us aren’t quite sure what to do with this space, but we fight hard for it nevertheless. And those who we fight with cannot understand our obsession for this personal space, for one look at our Facebook page is more than enough for them to understand what is (or more likely, is not) happening in it.

Since 2008, the Shrinking Universe has appeared as a fortnightly column in the Sunday magazine of The Hindu and explores many facets of mental health including relationships, parenting, adolescent experiences and other psycho-social aspects of contemporary urban Indian life.

The column enjoys a wide and dedicated readership, and as one reader says, '…gives the whole family a lot to talk about over breakfast on Sundays'.

It gives you a four-part result and is scary accurate. Here is how to identify and communicate with each of the four.

How to appeal to them: Stroke their ego and let them lead.

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Some day, they may be collated and offered in the form of a book, but until them you can read them here.

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