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At some point in a home's life, installing new receptacles, switches, and light fixtures will be a good idea.

The originals may be out of fashion, but they also wear out regardless. (Also see my article about these things.) Since replacing outlets correctly relies on making new connections, these may be done poorly or wrongly.

I want to change the existing outlets with ones that actually firmly hold anything plugged into it. The thing is without color coded wires and without a source for a ground, identifying the hot / neutral is not possible, to properly place the correct wire on the brass / silver color screws of a new outlet. I don't know if we sell them separate but the top item here is a tick tester. PRODUCTI think once I figure it out, I will wrap a piece of white tape around the neutral wire and a piece of black tape around the hot for future reference, and as long as no-one changes anything at the panel, it should be a good id in the future. This ground wire would never carry any current unless there was a ground fault condition, in which case the breaker should trip almost immediately.

Everything is permitted and I'm getting ready to start running my wire for new outlets, lights, etc.

For the rooms being added, and the existing rooms being remodeled, I will be running new 12-2 wire and separating circuits with the proper breakers according to code.

My questions are regarding the wiring for the rooms not being remodeled.

This includes a bedroom, a bathroom, and the kitchen.

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The homeowner replacing outlets and switches without a glitch is rare. More than one electrical item may fail to work as a result of a single mistake.