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but widespread damage to businesses and homes appears to have been avoided.

Councillor Mike Cockerill, cabinet member for flood protection at Scarborough Borough Council, said he was pleased by the flood protection afforded to Whitby by its piers, despite major work being needed to restore them.

” The town’s mayor, Councillor Heather Coughlan, is also quoted as saying: “Whitby jealously guards its history and heritage of which the Synod and Captain James Cook are a major part.

I don’t think people were too badly affected, they are more prepared than three years ago.“The water came up to the sandbags on this side and there is debris lying around like seaweed but other than that the water level has gone back down.”Daniel Mullan, a member of staff at Harry’s Bar on Pier Road, said the bar managed to stay open as normal last night and is very much open for business today.

Mr Mullan said: “It was a lot quieter than usual last night. Amazingly, people were still trying to go down the pier.

The Northumbrians, although they had been heavily influenced by Irish missionaries, chiefly St Aidan, chose to conform to Rome; Kent, the first Anglo-Saxon kingdom to turn Christian, had been converted by Roman missionaries.

According to the , Councillor Joe Plant said: “The procedure has been in place for centuries – why change it? The Abbey and the Synod of 664 are synonymous with Whitby and we have many pilgrims to the town as a result.

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